Why management is confusing and difficult at times.

Effective management is essential for development, decision making, and problem-solving. It is a continuous learning process and requires strong communication and adaption skills. This will allow a manager to successfully transfer information, goals, and tasks to another person. Figuring out an effective leadership strategy can be confusing and difficult because it is a team effort and everyone involved has a part.
There are three important aspects of the management process:

The manager

The person being managed

The space between where the relationship dynamic is set up. Each person has an element of control of what they put into that dynamic.

The relationship dynamic becomes difficult when we are triggered and things aren’t going exactly how we want them to go. It becomes frustrating when people aren’t meeting our expectations. We go right to blaming them instead of reviewing ourselves and the ways we can take action. Management is a group effort and we must recognize that we cannot control everything.
Here are a few things you can do if you’re struggling with a work relationship, whether you are the manager or being managed:

Take responsibility for what is triggering you. It is important not to ignore what is happening and to figure out what is negatively affecting the end of the relationship dynamic. What are you reacting to? And then work to figure out a way to overcome the obstacles preventing you from effectively managing or being managed.

Take effective action. Do not just reflect on what you could have done differently or the specific things that are triggering you. Focusing on these negative aspects will trigger you even more and provoke an initial reaction that was not given much thought. Take a moment to ask yourself, how do I protect myself from these triggers without cutting myself off from the relationship? Figure out what healthy actions you can take that will protect yourself and also will contribute to co-creating the relationship you want.

Look at the relationship dynamic and ask yourself how you are contributing to it. What are you getting out of it and what are you putting in? We can’t always focus on what the other person is doing because that is not always about us or the relationship dynamic. The management process involves more than just yourself and every person needs to contribute to creating a healthy dynamic

At the core of all management is relating effectively to transfer information, goals, and tasks to another person. -Sile Walsh

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