Hands of different people laying side by side on a wooden table top.

In this weeks episode of the Tilted Coaching podcast, in a snapshot, I speak about the impact of cognitive bias on being inclusive and how positive intentions, aren’t enough.

Each one of us has our own cognitive bias and as I continue to work around the topic of Inclusive leadership it is becoming increasingly obvious to me, that even those of us who feel like we have a handle on our own bias, can act out of bias unknowingly and mainly towards groups or individuals we have less understanding of.

You can Listen here to the 3-minute podcast.

One of the best experiences I have had around my own bias and its impact on coaching/supervision, and which successfully raised my awareness came through a workshop facilitated online by Dr Helen Turnball a few months ago.

With a combination of my own work, my new learnings through my PhD research, Dr Turnballs work and conversations with Yvette Elcock I am excited to co-facilitate Diversity Beyond the Obvious with Yvette, an experience starting in February 2021 for coaches and supervisors who wish to improve their awareness and work in terms of difference.

For more information contact Team@silewalsh.com

Executive & Leadership Development Specialist for Individual & Organisational Performance. www.silewalsh.com Podcast: Tilted Coaching #Coachingpsychology

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