A Leadership Team, Power and Performance

Mini Case Study: Power, Leadership, and Performance

Initial Problem: Leadership team not working well together, low performance, decisions taking too long, and limited innovation or leadership occurring.

Problems with performance and team effectiveness can often be traced to psychological safety and more importantly power. Who has it, who wants it, and what behaviors are rewarded with power — these are all crucial to organisational development.

Understanding the problem: Culture of perfectionism and fear of being dismissed or criticised, not being important or respected.

Changing an embedded culture is always challenging and at first, there was a pushback against letting go of perfectionism. However, they realised that the fear of being less than perfect was leading to delays, reduced productivity, and a lack of innovation.

Solution: Support the team in concentrating on a value add perspective, sharing power, and developing more psychological safety.

A Reflection for you:

  • If you don’t share power you can’t create safety for others to develop.
  • Understanding your relationship with power influences how empowered we are as leaders. And it impacts whether we empower others or stand in their way.

Executive & Leadership Development Specialist for Individual & Organisational Performance. www.silewalsh.com Podcast: Tilted Coaching #Coachingpsychology

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